What the Coronavirus Stimulus Package Means for Individuals, Retirees and the Australian Economy

With the COVID-19 coronavirus crippling the Australian economy and affecting livelihoods, the Australian Federal Government has announced a range of measures to support both businesses and individuals. The information in this article was last updated on Wednesday 1 April. The total stimulus announced to date is worth $320 billion or 16.4%*  of the size of the Australian economy. Here we explain some of the benefits you may be eligible for. JobKeeper Payment The government has announced a wage subsidy program under which it will pay eligible businesses (and not-for-profits) a minimum of $1,500 per worker, per fortnight for up to six months. All workers who were employed by a business on 1 Mar

The Upside of a Market Downturn

Most people view share market downturns as unequivocally bad events. Suddenly, hard earned savings aren’t worth as much as they were yesterday. It seems as if our money is evaporating, and in the heat of the moment selling up can look like the best course of action. The Alternative View But on the opposite side of each share sale is a buyer who thinks that they are getting a bargain. Instead of getting 10 shares to the dollar yesterday, they might pick up 12 or 15 to the dollar today. When the market recovers, the bargain hunters can book a tidy profit. So why do share markets experience downturns, and what are the upsides? A range of natural and man made events can trigger market selloffs:

The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Economy – a Q&A from an investment perspective

Dr Shane Oliver - Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, AMP Capital (April 2020) Key Points Significant government support is essential to enable parts of the economy to successfully hibernate. This will be financed by borrowing and is affordable given Australia’s relatively low public debt and low borrowing rates. Central bank support to keep financial markets functioning properly is also essential and quantitative easing is part of this. We are more likely to see a U-shaped recovery than a V or L. Introduction Along with the horrible human consequences, the coronavirus pandemic is having a huge impact on the way we live and as a result investment markets. This has raised a whole

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