How Compound Investing Can Help Your Super Grow

It’s likely you have a super fund looking after your superannuation. But that doesn’t mean it should be set and forget - you may be missing opportunities to help give it a boost. Super Investments When your employer makes a super payment on your behalf, your super fund will invest it in assets (like shares) that will hopefully help it increase in value over time. To help it grow even more, they’ll use a compound investment strategy. Compound Investing When super investments earn money, that money will be reinvested, which may create a snowball effect of investment returns earning their own returns. The more a super investment earns, the more money that gets reinvested. The longer this happen

Is it time for a Super Review?

Picture this... when you were 21 years old your well-meaning but financially inept uncle put $1,000 into an ordinary bank account for you with instructions to leave it there and “let the bank’s interest turn it into a fortune”. You followed his directions only to discover 30 years later the balance of your ‘fortune’ was a paltry $6,023! What went wrong? Well, to put it frankly, you didn’t give it any attention. This is a classic mistake that many Australians make when it comes to their superannuation. There has been a lot of talk about superannuation in the news lately. How long has it been since you reviewed your superannuation to see if it’s on track to meet your retirement needs, regardle

TRAPS TO AVOID IN RETIREMENT – Carrying debt into retirement

Increased housing costs and low wage growth are seeing more Australians carry higher levels of debt into retirement. Repaying this debt can place a major drag on retirement cash flows and hinder the achievement of retirement goals. These may include maintaining an adequate quality of life through retirement, and leaving a benefit to the next generation that is unencumbered by outstanding debt. Fortunately, there are a number of ways by which retirement debt can be avoided or managed. If you’re still working, increase your debt repayments. It may also be worth considering delaying retirement. However, bear in mind that with increasing age comes the increasing likelihood of being forced into r

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